Monday, 14 June 2010

A Fresh Start

So these days have become busy, and on the occasion that they have slowed, they have been so slow I am incapable of productivity.

So The Homestead, the house i have lived in for the last year is not going to be the same from the end of June. It has been a shared home for many and has had many amazing house shows over the last 7 years, starting with Ghost Mice when they had problems with a venue whilst on tour and ending with Chris Clavin (of Ghost Mice) playing the (2nd) last show. A nice circle with loads of amazing people and bands in between. There is a homestead fest this weekend celebrating all that was rad about the house and people and bands who've come through it. We have Crazy Arm playing a bedroom 2 months before playing Leeds Festival, we have Sam Russo (literally the best song writer in the country) and about 20 others. Its going to be a positive end to a house which has been good to me and feels like it has been my home far longer than my tenacy suggests.

In relation to this, Mega Games have our e.p for free download at ARCHIVE
and 3/4s of it relate to moving to a new city and leaving your hometown behind, the homestead and its inhabitants are responsible for the positive elements of the songs.

Things I learnt from tour :

Plymouth has a lot of mid-day drunks.
Exam boards should not reschedule exams mid tour.
The Village is the best game I've ever played at a house show.
ONSIND's new album DISSATISFACTIONS is beyond brilliant.
Harrogate knows how to kick off.
King's lynn is very flat and has a river called the river ouse (much like York)
Ouse means river so its actually called the River river (cheers QI)

This is good -
Dont Let Paris Fool You